Discover Odoo : The best ERP in the world

Odoo is the world’s largest collection of integrated apps with top-notch user-experience. The only software that truly reconciles business scope with user-friendly. One interface, thousands of apps and 7+ millions users.

16K apps available on the Odoo store 

Open Source Software

8 million

3 500+

Why Odoo ?

At Niboo, we choose to work with Odoo simply because we believe it to be the best ERP in the world right now, for several reasons : 

  • Highly flexible and customizable environment
  • Unlimited expansion possibilities
  • Many “out of the box” solutions
  • Much cheaper than SAP (and other ERP) in terms of licenses and maintenance
  • Rapid and modern evolutions of the tool with 1 new version being released every year
  • Cloud solution: Full Web and integrated approach

Why working with an Odoo Partner such as Niboo ?

Sometimes, a project related to the implementation of Odoo requires a personalised approach and custom functionalities. Odoo as an editor is not specialized in custom development. When required, Odoo will therefore redirect the majority of customers with custom development needs towards an Odoo Partner. A partner is an independent company whose job is to help develop and implement Odoo within a company.
Niboo has been Odoo Gold Partner for numerous years. We have had the pleasure of managing numerous projects from all sectors, all sizes and ranging from the very simple to the most complex.

Niboo & Odoo, who does what ?

It's important to note that working with an Odoo partner at any time does not prevent you for working with Odoo in the future. Odoo send us clients and vice versa. Odoo and Niboo are in a collaborative relationship and choosing one or the other doesn't limit you in any way. 
Should you choose to work with us, here is how the tasks would be distributed


  • Digital Transformation
  • Business analysis
  • Architecture
  • Project management
  • Development
  • Accommodation
  • Functional support
  • Migrating Code Between Major Releases


  • Odoo enterprise license
  • Management Fix
  • Odoo core bug
  • Migration of data between major versions

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