What can we do for you ? Our Methodology

Niboo is an Odoo integrator and a Odoo partner. We are helping other companies to implement Odoo ERP software to manage and digitalise their operations.

Our team of analyst and developpers can challenge your ways of working andfind adapted or custom Odoo solution to improve your managment and visibility.

We choose Odoo simply because we believe it to be the best ERP software on the market. It is super fast, super efficient and spotless.

1. Before : Strong understanding of your needs

2. During : Transparent & flexible methodology

3. After : Support, training

Result : No one left behind !

1. Before : Strong understanding of your needs

2. During : Transparent & flexible methodology

3. After : Support, training

Result : No one left behind !

Our strengths

  for numerous years

  • Aims for a deep understanding of your business

  • Expertise in digital transformation

  • Extensive experience, including in the financial sector
  • Combined functional and technical expertise
  • Highly flexible and adaptive approach
  • The unique Niboo's team and values

Why working with an Odoo Partner
such as Niboo ?

Sometimes, a project related to the implementation of Odoo requires a personalised approach and custom functionalities. Odoo as an editor is not specialized in custom development. When required, Odoo will therefore redirect the majority of customers with custom development needs towards an Odoo Partner. A partner is an independent company whose job is to help develop and implement Odoo within a company.

Niboo has been Odoo Gold Partner for numerous years. We have had the pleasure of managing numerous projects from all sectors, all sizes and ranging from the very simple to the most complex.

1. Before : A strong understanding of your needs

At Niboo, we like to think before to act. That's why every project will begin with a pre-analysis phase, divided into four steps. Guided by our anaylsts team, you we will : 

1. Clarify your needs & priorities

What core business are you in ? What are your main organizational challenges ?

Together, we clarify your digitalization’s goals and priorities.

2. Match them with Odoo

Our team of Odoo experts identify the right apps for your business. We go deeper into understanding your current systems. Together, we analyse the integration between Odoo and your actual softwares, should you keep any.

Odoo standards module doesn't match you specific needs ? Our developpers can provide tailor-made solutions to suits your business.

3. Optimise the processes

Our business analysts will challenge your current processes : are they aligned with your business goals ? Can we simplify them ?

Hand in hand with your internal team, we work towards processes’ optimization, before digitalizing them.

4. Make it happen !

Our Odoo experts and business analysts determine an implementation plan (timing, budget, scope). We roll it out in an agile fashion : working with 2-weeks sprints.Here are examples of practical examples of customers needs we fullfil:

  • "We need to manage our material replenishment via Odoo MRP"
  • "We need an e-commerce website linked with an inventory Odoo module"
  • "We need a custom invoicing Odoo module to take into consideration our international flow"
  • "We need to train our employees to use the version 13 of Odoo"
  • "We need to train our teams to use Odoo accounting module"

2. During : Our flexible
and transparent methodology

If we decide to work together, we will offer you to work according to our favourite methodology: the Agile/Scrum approach.

This allows better responsiveness to your feedbacks as well as a transparent time and budget management by offering frequent progress statutes of your project. Which will include:

  1. Thorough analysis of your internal procedures: the documentation must be able to describe your way of working, the users' stories, the workflows, the key moments of decision-making to be included in your new solution.
  2. The creation of an Epic Product Backlog listing and translating the wishes resulting from the analysis into tasks; followed by a prioritisation of these same tasks according to your needs, emergencies, expectations, etc.

The creation and daily update of a shared online follow-up document giving you a global overview of your project's progress, task by task, both in terms of budget and deadline.

3. After : Support and trainings

Our work does not has to stop once the implementation process is completed. We like to ensure our customers have everything they need, 24/7 and that no one is left behind. Should an issue arrise on your Odoo instance ? Our great support team members would take care of it.

On top of that, we can also provide you with team training. Because more internal Odoo knowlodge means more independance and fleibility, inside of your business. We all want you to become Odoo agile.

In short...

Our potential collaboration could be resumed in these for big steps :

  1. Consultancy & Analysis

  2. Development (should you have any)

  3. Implementation

  4. Support (should you need it)

Any specific questions ? 
We can help you decide what is best for your business

Email us
Book a 30' meeting

Any specific questions ? 
We can help you decide what is best for your business

Email u​​​​s​​​​     or Book a 30' meeting

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