Full traceability for food products

Dandoy is a traditional speculoos manufacturer who sells only fresh and natural ingredients via their 8 belgian shops and their brand new odoo webshop. Dandoy choose us to digitalize their whole process and to enjoy full traceability of their products via serial or lot numbers scanned thanks to barcodes.

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When Niboo first met with Dandoy’s team, we directly realize how authentic and original their business was. Most of their documents were still handled with a pen and a paper. They explained to us their different processes wether it was to manufacture biscuits or to handle bills.

Most of their documents were still handled with a pen and a paper.

After understanding their processes and current issues, we drafted a battle plan to help Dandoy digitize their company. First we digitIzed the following tools for Dandoy : CRM, Accounting, Sales and Purchases. Dandoy was now able to handle their bills directly in Odoo dashboards, as well as sell their biscuits from Odoo and purchase their ingredients as well.

Working with Niboo on Odoo allowed us to digitize all our internal processes. We were able to be more efficient and we could finally reach a full tracability on our products Lifecycle.

– Alexandre Helson, CEO Maison Dandoy

Then, we met again in order to prioritize the next steps of the Odoo implementation.
We chose together to implement the E-commerce next.Last but not least, Niboo implemented the whole manufacturing process within the MRP app in Odoo, allowing products traceability and Manufacturing order automation via minimum stock rules.